What is a Kidpreneur?

A kidpreneur is a kid that believes so much in their ideas and dreams, they start a business in order to make a positive difference in the world.

Holly & Co believe that building a business doing what you love is, fundamentally, a way of finding fulfilment, happiness and purpose in life – this is as true for the current workforce as it is for the next generation’s future! But the entrepreneurial message, and actually so much we all believe in, is missing in the everyday school life.

We dream of helping kids understand entrepreneurship, creativity & purpose and showing them another route in life. To arm everyone who’s important in a child’s life with the ideas, facts, knowledge, community and the courage that we can think differently, for our children.

Free Mims & Family activity sheet

Download our free activity sheet to discover what it takes to become a successful Kidpreneur!

Created by Mims and Family, a big family full of imagination, creativity and adventure, who have been creating lovely things since 2008 and were our Makers in Residence in summer 2021 when they brought our Kidpreneur mission to life in our physical Work/ Shop.

Make your own origami fortune teller which will encourage children to ask and answer thoughtful and inspiring questions to help them take their first steps to following their dreams and starting their own business.
This activity sheet was made by a family filled with Kidpreneurs, so they really are experts in this subject!

watch holly's interviews with kidpreneurs

Holly speaks to three inspiring kidpreneurs to find out more about their businesses, their aspirations and how they feel school might help support their entrepreneurial paths!


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