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How to use video

by team Holly & Co


We’re now in the era of video. It’s no longer a nice to have, it really is a necessity, for all of us. Video is the most instantly engaging type of content – our attention stays on moving images five times longer than on static images. Evidence suggests 75% of consumers purchase a product after watching a video about it – it’s why QVC still does so well, people love to see how a product works and how it’s made. With video, concepts can be explained in simpler ways than by writing about them – or simply demonstrated, no words needed – and recalled by the viewer long after. Think bite-sized pieces of information that are easy to digest. 

How often should I post videos? It’s less about how often and more about how much mileage you’re going to get from each bit of footage. How useful is it to my customers? Can I use what I’ve filmed across social media, emails and your website? We’re here to give you some pointers and help make video something fun that you want to do rather than something that you feel you have to do.

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