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2024 customer trends: a taste of Holly Tucker’s top 10 predictions

by holly tucker


Gaining behavioural insight on customers in the UK, as well as a steer on where researchers believe the retail market is heading will be key to helping grow your business in 2024. Read Holly Tucker’s top tips to find out more.

Trend predictions for 2024 to help you grow your business

In a climate where every penny counts, how can you tell what customers are likely to be carefully spending their money on in the year ahead? Which products might really resonate? How are people likely to be thinking and feeling in times like these?

From selling millions of Quirky Gift Library’s chocolate brussels sprouts at notonthehighstreet when nobody had heard of them, to championing ‘good’ business and connecting through emotion — Holly knows a thing or two about predicting retail trends. Couple that with all the knowledge gained from the data reports, insight and white papers she has access to, and you might just find the information you need to really spark ideas for your business in 2024.

From redefining age or embracing pre-loved, to tapping into the wealth in health…

These are just some of the areas Holly thinks will be big news for customers this year. To find out the rest of this exclusive content and receive unfiltered weekly insight and inspiration, sign up to Holly’s email below.

As more people start to shop around for the best price, how can you help them see the other benefits of choosing to shop with you? Do you share the best videos? Most unique ideas? Or behave in a progressive way? Or is it that you help them do more with less, through hacks or clever tips? How can you go above and beyond in a way that others can’t or don’t currently? That’s what you need to find out.

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