The Independent Awards 2021

Our Finalists have now been announced! However, you can still vote for your favourite small business to win the People’s Choice Award, but please note, if you haven’t voted already, you’ll need to verify your email address once for your vote/s to count. Make sure you look out for the confirmation email we send you in your inbox (or junk folder!). Who will you choose to win a slice of this year’s £100,000 prize pot? You could help change someone’s life. Thanks again to our sponsors Dell Technologies, NatWest and Royal Mail too for making this possible.

And there's more...

People's Choice Award

This award will be chosen by you (the people!), so means the world.  It can’t be entered directly but any Nominee who gets the most public votes wins, so it’s time to remind everyone you rock. Whether it’s for their brand, products or impeccable service, the people’s favourite will be awarded £10,000.

Holly's Fairy Godmother Award

Brand new this year, this award is for that special business (or businesses) with true star potential. Holly knows magic when she sees it, so for this award, the winner(s) will be chosen by the Small Business Fairy Godmother herself. You don’t have to be a Nominee (it’s open to all entrants), and Holly will split £10,000 between the winner(s) at her discretion. They will also receive mentorship from Holly & Co.

Meet the Judges

When searching for the very best independent small businesses, we knew we needed the very best judges; people who are passionate champions of creativity and experts in their respective areas - we're thrilled they have joined us to help choose the winners of the Independent Awards 2021.

Last year's Independent Awards

How lovely it is to look back on last year’s winners and see the difference their awards made. Whether it was using their cash prize to invest in some much-needed equipment or just the confidence it gave them to excel, we’re thrilled. 2020 was such a tough year for many small businesses, and we launched these awards to shine a light on the ginormous benefits this community brings. Voting is currently open for this year’s awards so we’re yet to find our 2021 Finalists, but if you’d like to see the rest of last year’s winners while you’re here…

Award Timings

23 November, 2021

Public voting for each of the category awards stops at 5pm and judging will begin

Remember, you can still vote for your favourite Nominee in the People’s Choice Award though until the 6th.

29 November, 2021

Finalists announced and voting continues

This will be your last chance to vote for your favourite independent business in the People’s Choice Award.

6 December, 2021

Voting closes for the People’s Choice Award at 5pm

So if you want your favourite independent business to win this, vote before then.

Athena Cauley-Yu, Founder of Meticulous Ink

"Winning the People's Choice Award came as such a massive shock...Having that recognition for many years of work behind the scenes is such an enormous psychological boost. Add to that the incredible cash prize and my mind was completely blown!...I put a large chunk towards an enormous printing press that gives us more scope to do fun, experimental printing on a large scale. I am utterly grateful"

With thanks to our Award Supporters

These awards would not be possible without our incredible small business supporters who truly believe in the power of small.

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