The Small BUSiness Tour

To complete the most incredible Campaign Shop Independent Summer 2021 month, we took to the road in our amazing double-decker bus for a week-long tour.

Stretching over 5 days, 10 locations and over 100 independents – we were privileged to meet the people and families behind the small businesses driving our nation forward. Take a look at our 15 minute video that we hope captures the colour, happiness and joy we discovered on our fantastic journey. You can also see our postcards and behind-the-scenes photos from this very special week.

My Campaign Refections

One of the first things I did after the Campaign Shop Independent – Summer 2021 tour (after having a well-deserved glass of wine!!) was to gather the Holly & Co team together to really reflect on what I’d seen and learnt.

I was full to the brim of thoughts, passions, faith, and humanity and really hope you enjoy this short video which captures everything I learnt during our tour and what I’ll be taking forward in the future.

With thanks to our small business supporters