Our small business supporters

We partner with brands who have the same vision and passion for small businesses as us. We are so proud to build authentic and genuine partnerships with these incredible companies.

They believe, as much as us, in the power of small and independent businesses in the UK. It’s why we work with them for the long term, to fundamentally change the landscape of small businesses for the better.

Thank you to each of them and the wonderful teams that we get to work with on a daily basis, for supporting this campaign.



Our partner for many years, NatWest has worked with us to give small businesses the platform they need to share their stories and amplify the voices of founders. From the NatWest Independent Ad Break, to the Business Hub and Back Her Business, NatWest truly believes in the power of small.




All year, we’ve made dreams come true thanks to Three Means Business. 2020 has been one of the toughest years in recent memory for small businesses, and Three wanted to work with us to make life that little bit easier for brilliant founders who had dreamed big and followed their passion to build a life they love.




Together with Dell UK, we’re tackling the tech imposter syndrome! All year through SME: SOS they empowered female founders with their #Techinabox and gifted XPS laptops in order to support small businesses to move online, just when they needed it most.


Royal Mail


Playing a central role in small businesses, Royal Mail joined us to support SME: SOS. A crucial part of small business infrastructure, Royal Mail joined us to give their latest advice and insights.




The pinnacle of creativity and a haven for small creative businesses, we are thrilled that Pinterest have joined us to support Campaign Shop Independent. Pinterest will be using their platform to shine a light on this most creative community every week of the campaign.



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