Why work with us?

We’re a small team with huge ambitions. We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit running throughout the company and embrace individual and highly creative thinking. We truly are a work-family, who work closely together to deliver a united vision.

Who we’re looking for

You utterly love what you do (to the point of obsession!), you have an eye for detail and love the collaborative nature of a creative working environment. You’re a team player but have an entrepreneurial spirit running through your veins which means you transform an idea or brief into something truly new and innovative.

A little about us

Holly & Co is the next chapter for Holly Tucker MBE. After founding Notonthehighstreet in 2006, she decided to do it all over again!

Holly & Co is an immersive brand, with the aim to help everyone and anyone start a small business. She believes the future is about brands becoming more than just a website, and so she’s set out to break more glass ceilings and do something completely new.

Current Vacancies

Community Manager

At Holly & Co there’s nothing more important than our community. That’s why we’ve decided to look for another magical person to join the team!

This role will look after the Holly & Co community, helping it grow, but will also be the driving force behind our campaigns across the year. We want to reach further into different groups who believe in our missions, and so, whoever joins us, needs to be a social butterfly. You will love the idea of developing a flock of not only followers, but those who want to affect positive change within our main mission – to inspire and amplify small businesses and independents. You will have a passion to support our other equally important missions; helping customers vote with their money and support small, empowering women in business and encouraging and teaching children to be entrepreneurial.

At Holly & Co we’re just beginning our journey and have high ambitions. We plan to change the world, starting here in the UK and so whoever comes on board would need to match the energy found in our corner of St Margarets (near Richmond).

This community lead will be at the epicenter of our missions, content creation, our initiatives and our dreams. They’ll work closely with our Social Media Manager to bring Holly & Co’s visions to life, and will be encouraged to make the role their own.

Are you someone who already looks after a large group of people? Could you be used to operating within a movement of people, knowing how to galvanize its power? Are you commercially minded and able to promote events whilst developing a lasting relationship with attendees?

If so, please email your CV and a cover letter to [email protected] with Community Manager as the subject line and tell us why you think you’re perfect to develop our gang.

This full time role will be based at our HQ in St Margarets (near Richmond). Closing date Monday 23 March, 10am.

social executive

We’re hiring again and this time we’re looking for someone to join our content and community team. You see, at Holly & Co we love connecting with our community and, as it’s grown, so have our ambitions.

We want to delight with informative, well planned, excellently distributed emails. To continue to surprise and inspire through all our Instagram accounts whilst capturing the wonderful, busy and diverse world of Holly & Co on stories. We want to bring other social platforms into the fold; creating Pinterest boards that gain real traction, inspire and bring joy. So a keen and ‘good’ eye is essential!

We need our new team mate to be a whirl of energy, who can harness this to help drive the content we pride ourselves on creating. With curiosity being at the center, there’ll be a need to research and bring/pitch content to our editorial meetings and editorial team. This person will report to our Editorial & Social Lead but will also help support our Community Lead.

Might you be someone who already looks after all social media channels somewhere else? Do you love creating content, from stories to captions? If so, please email [email protected] with Community and Content Executive as the subject line. Tell me why you think you’re perfect social butterfly?

This full time role will be based at our HQ in St Margarets (near Richmond). Closing date Monday 23 March, 10am.


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