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Welcome to the Business Pharmacy, live on Holly’s Instagram (@HollyTucker) every other Wednesday at midday, thanks to Dell Technologies. Throughout each session, Holly will tackle a different topic, welcoming an expert or fellow founder to share insights and advice, as well as answering questions live from the community. Whether you want to learn how to sell in the US, how to find your niche or even discovering your audience, Holly will empower you with tangible, honest advice to support you on your journey.

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Don't worry if you missed a LIVE, you can catch up on all past episodes below

Becoming a B Corp

Holly is joined by Edward and Rosie @TheCookKitchen. Cook was the very first B Corp certified business in the UK and inspired our own B Corp Journey.

How to sell

Holly is joined by Therese @small_business_collaborative. In this episode, they discuss all things selling.

How to negotiate

Holly is joined by Rosie Bailey, co-founder and CEO of Nibble. They discuss fantastic techniques to become a stronger negotiator.

How to find your audience

Juliet Fallowfield, the founder of @fallowfieldmason joins Holly and they discuss brilliant techniques for how to find your audience.

How to sell in the US

Holly is joined by Sandra, founder of @quirkychocolate. They discuss top tips and great opportunities of how to sell in the US.

How to find your niche

Holly is joined by Penny Lee. They discuss why discovering your niche is great for your business and how to find it.

How to use Reels

Andie @dahliabeach and Kirsty @rebuildagram join Holly and discuss their top 5 tips for succeeding with Reels.

Overcome Burnout

Holly is joined by Kate Coach who shares some brilliant practical tips and tools that will help you avoid burnout this festive season.

How to do your own PR

Juliet Fallow-Field @fallowfieldmason joins Holly and shares practical tips that will help you to maximise your own PR opportunities.

How to Retain Your Christmas Customers

As a small business, do you ever wonder 'How can I get my new Christmas customers to stay?'

The Future of Retail

Holly is joined by Sandra, the manager of the World's largest @lushliverpoolspa, on how to create a shopping experience like no other

Ask Me Anything

A whistlestop tour of all your questions including how to drive traffic to your website and how to manage an influx of Christmas orders

How to hire

Everything you need to know about bringing someone into your business and will be as passionate about your brand as you are

How to start a podcast

Hannah Russell, co-founder of @mags.creative joins Holly to cover everything you need to know about why and how to start your own podcast

How to overcome fear

Kate Co-ach shares 10 practical things we can all do to help overcome our fear. From how to change our relationship with fear to rejecting fear-based vocab

Improving small businesses for disabled people

Holly is joined by @samantharenke to find out her top tips for being more inclusive and recognising the purple pound.

Ask Me Anything

I answer everything from how to take your first bold steps in business, how to handle the heat of competition, how to deal with bad reviews and so, so much more!

The power of email

Faye Dineen Head of Retention for @papier (the experts of email marketing!) helps us demystify email and understand how we can harness its power!

How to get rid of guilt

We aim to arm you with the tools to vanquish guilt once and for all including how to re-invest that energy into yourself and your business after all, you're the battery of your business!

How to hire your kids

How you can start to involve your children in your business, successfully manage a working relationship, and the mutual lessons that both parent and child can gain through the process

Emotional Labour

Kate Coach shares her how-to guide for unloading your emotional labour; how to question the patterns you’ve fallen into and how to break down how your work-load is shared across your family.

Mastering video basics

From equipment, to lighting and angles - videographer Charlie shares his top tips for getting started with video

How to run a successful pop-up

Top tips from industry experts on the benefits of utilising a temporary retail space

Genius Mindset

Coach Kate helps us look at how the mindsets of founders and what we're best at

Launching the Advice Hub

Hear all about the launch of the brand new Advice Hub with co-tributors @breadandjam and @claraandmacy

How to get press

Discover all the fundamentals for getting press coverage thanks to PR expert Susie @srmlondon

How to go live

Holly chats with Sky News Reporter @skysarahjane on her top tips for going live on social

Clicks and Mortar

Holly is joined by Emily & Amy from Berylune on how they combine both digital and physical retail.

Emotional Marketing

Charlotte from @BloomAndWild shares how they connect with customers on a deeper, more emotional level

How to have difficult conversations

Coach Kate returns to give us the tools and techniques we need to have those hard discussions

How to create a compelling brand

Alex Monroe @alexmonroejewellery shares why a strong brand will make all the difference to your business

The Future of the High Street

Holly chats with designer and shopkeeper @NicolaRowlands & Futurist Jaroslav on the trends we can expect for the high street

How to collaborate

@JackLaverickCeramics and @MendYourHead share their collaboration experience and answer all your questions

How to adapt on demand

Holly & Co-ach, Kate @the.greendoorproject on the importance of adaptability for small businesses

Building a business in lockdown

@sourdoughsophia talks about her amazing bakery

Ask Me Anything

From how to find customers, to tips for pricing your work, Holly answers questions from the community

Turning your hobby into a business

@Emma_Giacalone_Textiles shares her inspiring story

What to do if your product is copied

How to safeguard your ideas with Faye from @annualstore

How to protect your Instagram

Key steps to avoid hackers and save your content with @EnglishStamp

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