Wildflower Illustration Co

Wildflower Illustration Co. is owned & run by Rebecca and Karl, a husband and wife team based in the heart of the Cotswolds. We started Wildflower Illustration Co in 2016 because we believe in the power of a handwritten note to brighten someone’s day or capture a shared memory. In an increasingly digital world, we hope our cards and stationery will spread a little joy on doormats around the world. 

Rebecca began painting and illustrating back in 2010, starting by designing cards and stationery for friends and family from her watercolour and ink illustrations. The business began life as ‘Rebecca McMillan Illustration’. 

Since then, Rebecca has gone on to create bespoke artwork, house portraits, marketing material, wedding stationery and greetings cards. In 2016 the business officially became ‘Wildflower Illustration Co.’ to reflect the change and growth into a blossoming family enterprise.

Drawing inspiration from nature and travel, Rebecca paints to capture the beauty of the world around her, and her designs are inspired by a love for all things wild and free. 

Rebecca – the artist and designer. Rebecca begins any design by painting and illustrating in watercolour and ink. She then converts this into a digital image which can be reproduced onto invitations, art prints or cards.

Karl – designer and operations manager officially joined the team in 2015, but has supported and guided Rebecca right from her business’ humble beginnings. Now he is in charge of almost everything other than the painting itself – he designs, prints and packages all of the products and ensures the highest quality throughout, as well as conducting the administrative operations of the business. 

Martha – a one year old springer spaniel, whippet cross who joined the team in December 2016. She loves paper just as much as we do, in fact, her stationery obsession rivals Rebecca’s. A significant proportion of our day is spent persuading her to gnaw on her toys rather than our sellotape dispenser.