Freddie Garland, founder of Freddie's Flowers, sat surrounded by flowers smiling at the camera.

Freddie Garland

Founder of Freddie's Flowers

Sometimes, everything you need to start a business is all around you, you just have to connect the dots. It was a coincidental mix of having florists as parents, and a job at Abel & Cole, that sparked Freddie’s lightbulb moment and set him on his path to success. Could this help you on yours?

On re-imagining an industry

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • This story will reassure you, that whatever you don’t know, you can most definitely learn along the way.
  • You’ll hear the relatable mistakes Freddie made so you can avoid them.
  • You’ll find that a gap in the market must be coupled with other elements to ensure results.

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