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January 23, 2023 68mins
Holly’s Picks

Overcoming trauma and unlocking pure happiness, with Goldie MBE, DJ, artist and actor

Want to know how Goldie MBE became one of the most compelling artists of our time? Well look no further as this week, this maverick’s story will leave you captivated, surprised and completely inspired.

You might know him for his pioneering drum and bass music in the 90s, his gold teeth, or his acting career, but in this exclusive interview, Goldie shares how he defied the odds, having experienced abuse, heartbreak and battling addiction in his early years, to now seeing beauty in every waking moment.

After a difficult childhood spent in the care system, Goldie channelled his creative spirit into the world of art and music, carving out a stellar career and legacy in the creative world.

With success and destruction as part of his story, Goldie shares how The Hoffman Process, using creativity as an outlet, and nurturing a family that he adores, have helped him to build a life of contentment and happiness. Along this colourful journey, Goldie also reveals what he now considers to be the three most important things he couldn’t live without.

Goldie reflects with Holly on how short life really is, the many lessons he’s learnt whilst healing from his past, and if his infectious positive energy doesn’t have you completely inspired, his words of wisdom and encouragement to ‘get up and do something you’ve never done before’ will. It’s a rollercoaster of an episode.

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