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October 31, 2022 68mins
Female Founders

The overnight success that took over a decade to build, with Marisa Hordern, founder of Missoma

This week Holly speaks with Marisa Hordern, founder of London based jewellery brand, Missoma.

Born at the kitchen table, Missoma started as a side hustle. Now, after over a decade of incredible hard work and grit, Missoma is an iconic jewellery brand beloved by millennials and A listers alike.

Often referred to as an overnight success, Marisa sheds light on this misconception, and the first seven years she battled through to get her business off the ground, where at her lowest point, she considered terminating Missoma all together.

However, with love, passion and determination, Marisa recognised that ‘going through the trenches, makes you appreciate things more’, and looking back shares what decisions she made to turn the tables in order to be where she is today.

Talking about the pivotal moments on her journey, from creating a new niche for demi-fine jewellery in the industry, to changing her business model from largely wholesale business to an online retailer, which really changed the game.

Marisa also shares with Holly her top pieces of advice from her business journey so far – from building a loyal team, to the importance of digital marketing in our modern age, and sharing her expertise on sustainability and being honest with your customers.

It’s a conversation that speaks to the bravery and passion in all of us, of what might just be possible if we are prepared to trust our gut, challenge the status quo and most importantly, be confident in ourselves and our dreams.

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