Nicola Elliott, founder of Neom Organics, looking at the camera, wearing a grey jumper, infront of a room of Neom Organic products.

Nicola Elliott

Founder of Neom Organics

Risking it all, Nicola left her glittering career in advertising and set out with a mission; to create a disruptive yet environmentally friendly wellbeing brand. Hear how she had the confidence to follow her business dream, as she shares her somewhat unconventional recipe for success.

On building a business from grit and determination

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • You’ll hear Nicola’s advice on how best to prepare our young for a successful working life.
  • Learn how Neom Organics ignited the movement for natural, eco-friendly, wellbeing products.
  • It’s inspiring to hear how Nicola remained motivated despite the setbacks she faced.

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