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April 24, 2023 64mins
Holly’s Picks

Using a life changing moment to change lives, with Sophie Morgan, TV presenter, author, inclusive travel expert and disability campaigner

As one of the most inspiring stories you’ll ever hear, this is a conversation that really will make you appreciate the beauty of life.

This week, Holly speaks with TV presenter, author and disability activist Sophie Morgan to find out more of what we can achieve when we refuse to let what happens to us in life — or other people — define us.

Paralysed in a car crash when she was just eighteen years old, Sophie has faced gruelling personal challenges, campaigned relentlessly to dispel the myths around disability and spoken out against ableist attitudes ever since.

Tenacity, ongoing resilience and a lust for life are just some of the characteristics that Sophie has by the bucketload and it’s exactly this attitude that has kept driving her forwards in even the darkest of times.

Sophie shares with Holly how all her experiences, at times raw and unflinching, have shaped her as a person, of how art and creativity have helped to heal her and of how she has created a colourful, beautiful life that is bursting with adventure and new horizons.

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