Jake Humphery DL, broadcaster and founder, smiling at the camera wearing a black t-shirt.

Jake Humphrey’s unique advice on securing success


When TV presenter, broadcaster and founder Jake Humphrey joined Holly on our Conversations of Inspiration podcast, his positivity and mantra to learn from every moment — no matter how tough — stayed with her. But there was one thing he said that resonated above all else…

Growing up in Norfolk, Jake’s childhood was not an easy one. After suffering severe bullying at school, he then failed his exams and was fired from his job at McDonalds. It’s fair to say his future was looking pretty bleak, until someone took a chance on him and his life changed forever.

In this powerfully enlightening episode, Jake shares how his particular set of life lessons, and the tools he used to overcome challenges, led him on the journey through the ranks of the BBC, to BT Sport, and then to set up his own thriving production company. Here’s what struck Holly the most…

Sit in the uncomfortable chair

Never sit in the comfy chair

Holly says, “Since speaking to Jake, I think about this notion every single day. It’s easy to always just go for what you know, isn’t it, and opt for the easy option? But you’ll always learn less from that. Ultimately, it’s the failures that will bring your success so it's worth trying something new. Jake, like most of my podcast guests, are living proof of this.”

Take 100% responsibility for every part of your life

“This gave me shivers. Jake said that there’s fault and there’s responsibility. What happens to you might not be your fault, but if you want something to change for the better, then it IS your responsibility to take action. What would happen if we all opted to do this instead of a New Year’s Resolution this year? What could we affect? No excuses, just results. His advice could truly change lives.”

If you're lucky enough to find success, pay it forward

“Not everyone remembers how tough it can be to be young or that not everyone gets the same opportunities to build a life they love. I love Jake’s message that those who have worked hard and found success should open doors for others. And those who have the ability to learn should strive to share their knowledge.”

Always keep trying, follow your passions

“Find something that gives you fulfilment then grasp opportunities with both hands. This episode is a brilliant reminder that nothing comes from nothing. You need to be brave enough to try new things, make mistakes and move on. Jake’s right. There are more opportunities these days than ever before. It’s up to us to find them.”

Listen to Jake Humphrey’s podcast episode.