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AA Watson

West london

AA Watson is a contemporary artist specialising in handmade limited screen prints embellished with 23ct gold leaf. His unique and darkly humours work draws inspiration from many sources mixing pop culture, bold graphic design, current affairs, and the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Expressing timeless thoughts in a modern and slightly subversive way that represents the inner monologue we all have (but rarely admit to).

The story behind the business
Meet AA Watson

AA Watson grew up in south-west Scotland before embarking on a successful career in the corporate world. Having travelled extensively for both work and pleasure he has now settled in West London where he has been re-discovering his love of art and print making.

His work takes influence from many sources and often combines different genres and techniques including digital, screen print and hand applied gold leaf.

The constant theme running through his work however is the dour Scottish sense of humour that is often described as both dark and cathartic. An antidote for the overly sweet and often fake positivity we are bombarded with every day on social media.

Having successfully exhibited in both London and New York, and with several galleries, he continues to grow his practice with collectors from LA to Sydney.

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AA Watson

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