Behind the Oak Tree wall hanging on yellow chair

Behind the Oak Tree

Hornsey, London

Welcome to my colourful world where the Butterflies are super sized, the mushrooms are giant and the fish are bountiful.

I'm Rachel, originally from Canada. I design and hand make unique soft furnishings to add personality, colour and playfulness to you and your families spaces. I'm a big believer in Colour and Humour in our lives. So I make decorative cushions to brighten and lift any space from kids rooms to dining rooms or even a potting shed.

The story behind the business
Meet Behind the Oak Tree

After 20 years in Fashion and Advertising, The Birth of my son, and the pandemic, it was time to pivot and be more available for my family. And embark on this colourful dream.

The necessity for colour, and humour in my life has become increasingly apparent over the past few years. In our children's lives, in our seniors lives, and the unique worlds we create in our spaces. I love things that that make me smile off guard and lighten the mood.

I make conversation pieces to elevate any chair, kids rooms or classroom. Colour, Texture, and Pattern are my 3 thoughts when designing and making each work. Because every cushion is hand made from start to finish with only hand tools in my workspace, each piece is a unique nugget of originality from my space to yours. My desire is that every work that goes out into the world will make at least one person smile.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
Behind the Oak Tree founder and Designer Rachel Jones


113 Hudson Apt.

Chadwell Lane


N8 7RX

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