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Green Cotton

warfield, berkshire

Hello, I’m Marilee, the creative force behind Green Cotton. Whilst crafting has always been my joy, it was macrame that truly captured my heart. Macrame is a real labour of love. It is a slow, mediative art that creates intricate patterns through knots, impossible for machines to replicate. My passion for macrame has since widened to teach others this beautiful art form in the comfort of their own homes, with my DIY kits.

The story behind the business
Meet Green Cotton

With a Master's degree in Chemistry, my focus has always revolved around human health. My experience spans the pharmaceutical and medical industries, where I've witnessed the significant benefits of chemicals when used responsibly. However, I've also seen the adverse effects on our environment when they are misused.

This awareness has made me deeply conscious of the materials we surround ourselves with and their origins. It was with this ethos in mind that I founded Green Cotton, dedicated to crafting sustainably sourced macrame for your home. The name "Green Cotton" represents a fusion of my identity and values. Marilee Green, that's me, and the commitment to environmental responsibility that underscores everything I create.

I'd love for you to be part of my journey by crafting a piece or DIY kit especially for you. I can't wait to hear from you!

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