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Happy Crackers are all designed and made-by-hand in North Yorkshire. We are a small family team at Happy HQ, but it’s mostly me - Rebecca (Mrs Crackers) running the ship, and little Miss Crackers is in charge of quality control!

Like many other families, we have a passion for celebrating every occasion throughout the year – no matter how big or small. This made us question - why are crackers just for Christmas? Why not for birthdays, or for dinner parties? Couldn’t they also be luxury wedding favours, or alternative party bags?

More crackers, in our eyes, equals more happiness!

The story behind the business
Meet Happy Crackers

We make the highest-quality fabric crackers for every occasion - not just for Christmas. Designed to last for generations to come, Happy Crackers are intended to be reused year-after-year, and to remove the waste that comes with the typical plastic-filled card cracker.

Made to be unwrapped like a gift, our Happy Crackers are inspired by the very first cracker ‘Bon-Bons’ made in Britain by confectioner Tom Smith.

All our Happy Crackers arrive empty, ready for you to fill with your own gifts and surprises. Happy Cracker is here to bring you – and planet Earth – happiness.

On average, 40 million Christmas crackers are thrown away globally each year, the majority of which ends in Landfill. By purchasing Happy Crackers – we can help support environmental change.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business


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