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Kitty's Kits are a just add water miracle bread mix, each kit can make a variety of carby possibilities from boules to bagels, flat bread to focaccia, pizza to pretzels it's up to you.

Not only is it the easiest way to make homemade bread but each kit sold helps pay for a free kit which is then given to a school, prison, food bank or community group as part of our Breaducation program, enabling everyone to experience the joy of bread making and baking.

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The story behind the business
Meet Kitty's Kits

Hi, I'm Kitty the founder and CEO of Breadsong. Although that sounds quite fancy, really I'm just a baker, a baker obsessed with sharing the joy of bread making with others because, well, it changed my life. When I was 14 I became overwhelmed with anxiety and depression. It almost destroyed me. But one day I made a loaf of bread. It wasn't spectacular but it was edible and the process of making it seemed to quieten and soothe my frantic brain.

8 Months on from baking my first loaf, my Dad quit his job as a teacher, we crowdfunded and opened a bakery together. In 2022 we published a book, Breadsong, about our story and our bakeries recipes.

Now my goal is to share the joy of bread making with others, so i set up Kitty's kits, a just add water bread mix, ever kit sold helps pay for a free kit which is then donated to a school, prison, community group ect because bread is joy so we all need good bread.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
  • Neurodivergent Business
  • Socially Positive

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