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Labour & Lustre

Carlisle, cumbria

Labour & Lustre is an independent, creative woodwork shop, making small batch production pieces for your home and garden. I focus on handmade production techniques and whilst the pieces I make are very much focussed around functionality, I also pride myself on the use of high quality raw materials with unique characteristics.

I work closely with local sawmills to source raw materials to work with. Every single piece of hardwood timber I use is handpicked by me for its character, grain and quality. Most pieces of timber are milled from storm fallen trees and have been air drying for a number of years. This gives each piece I create a unique history and character which cannot be recreated. You can be assured each piece is unique to you, a one off!

The story behind the business
Meet Labour & Lustre

I am a woodworker with a workshop based in rural Cumbria. I hand make all of my pieces in my workshop, utilising mainly native hardwood species, with the vast majority of timber coming from within a 30 mile radius of my workshop. I employ many techniques which I learned while studying furniture design at university in Leicester in the mid 1990’s, however I am keen to push myself and learn new techniques, which in turn informs my work on an ongoing basis.

One of the things I am working on is very much a sustainable, environmentally focused approach when it comes to all the pieces I make. The processes I employ and the finishes I use are focused around these fundamental issues: locally sourced raw materials, natural finishing oils, natural and long standing paint techniques, and paper based packaging. These are just some of the ways I reduce the impact of my work.

founder Credentials

  • 50s Plus Founder
  • Neurodivergent Business


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