We know that not all Christmas puddings are created equal. Which is why our Founder, Sandra McLaren, created something quite unlike the stodgy, recipe of old and instead – made a recipe so light and delicious, that it became a total crowd-pleaser among all her friends and family.     Zesty orange and lemons meet prunes, flaked almonds and winter spices – then get drenched in French Brandy and Guinness Stout, before being matured for six months. Its depth of flavour combined with surprisingly light texture makes it incredibly moreish. All you have to do is lightly steam – and drizzle with your choice of brandy butter, cream or ice cream. Don’t let us stop you having all three!

McLaren's Christmas Pudding

Borough Market, london

Our family twist on the time-honoured recipe makes for a tasty pudding with a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

We removed the stodgy suet, cut down the heavy flour and added a little extra butter. Zesty fruits, prunes, flaked almonds, cinnamon and nutmeg are then laced with French Brandy and Guinness Stout. Light, fluffy and utterly delicious, not only are these the best Christmas puddings around – but they’re also vegetarian-friendly.

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The story behind the business
Meet McLaren's Christmas Pudding

Our story began with Sandra McLaren, a brilliant confectioner and award-winning dessert designer, who noticed that not one of her four children would eat the Christmas pudding she served. Glancing around the candlelit table, she realised that barely an adult had touched it either!

Already renowned for her many years of designing and making cheesecakes for Harrods, one day Sandra decided to take on the humble Christmas pudding.

After much experimentation, she discovered she could cut out all the stodgy suet – and remove a lot of the dense flour. Instead, she added a very generous dollop of butter, some zesty oranges, lemons, prunes and flaked almonds. She drenched it all in fine French Brandy and Guinness Stout, steamed it for eight hours – then then let the pudding mature to perfection for 6 months.

Having won over family and friends, she took the McLaren’s Christmas pudding further afield. Since 2004, when our story began, Sandra’s pudding has attracted a growing number of Christmas pudding aficionados and convertees.

founder Credentials

  • 60s Plus Founder
  • Female Founded Business
She removed the stodgy suet and created a secret recipe so impossibly light and fluffy, she was sure even the naysayers would love it.

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