Picture of Muti the founder of Muti with his wife & two kids at a festival wearing their family shirts that read "Back Once again" "For the renegade master" "D for Damager" & "Power to the people"



Muti is a fermented food business hand making premium vinegar-free hot sauces, as well as unpasteurised & deliciously vibrant kimchi & sauerkrauts. Through working with local suppliers, using recyclable packaging & only producing plant-based products with no artificial additives whatsoever, we aim to help fix the broken food system. Small batches of flavour-packed foods made with care for the environment, the people that make them & the people who eat them.

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As a 3-year-old playing in my gran's garden in South Africa I found a bush of bright red jewels I couldn’t keep my hands off, but when I rubbed my eyes - all hell broke loose!

I ran inside puffy eyed & screaming & my parents thought I'd been attacked by a spitting Cobra, so they washed my eyes out with milk - wrong culprit, right antidote!

Fast forward to now & I’ve turned my unexpected love for chillies into a business.

I got into fermentation as a way to create delicious sauces without the need to add vinegar. Fermentation delivers both acidity & preservation but not the overpowering vinegary taste. It also adds complexity unattainable through merely cooking ingredients.

My fermentation journey continued into Kimchi & Kraut as a means to increase beneficial bacteria count & provide delicious & healthy, gut-friendly foods for my family, friends & customers.

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