Founder Rachel with her friends wearing a bright, rich pink jumpsuit hugging her friends

Rock the Jumpsuit

West london

I have always loved a Jumpsuit: they are versatile, practical, feminine and iconic, and when you find one that fits probably there is nothing better. I don't have a history in Fashion so launching a brand was extremely challenging - I have learnt the hard way and made ALOT of mistakes but I feel I have found my groove now and a little niche in a saturated market which I am passionate about sharing with you.

The story behind the business
Meet Rock the Jumpsuit

In 2016, following a successful career in party planning, Reflexology and mothering three small children, I launched “Rock the Jumpsuit”. Unable to find my perfect jumpsuit and inspired by my own small vintage collection and original 70’s Butterick patterns, I collaborated with my local seamstress to create my own Jumpsuit, which is now one of our bestsellers - the KATE. I loved the process and the result, as did my friends, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our main collection is the Ready to Wear Conscious Core Collection. I love denim - there is nothing better than a fabulous fitting denim or Corduroy Jumpsuit. This collection is inspired by original pieces which I have collected over the years from Vintage Fairs and Boutiques. They are truly timeless pieces that will rarely go on sale. Made in Portugal, the Conscious Core Collection is created in small batches, sustainably and ethically using organic cotton.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
Found of Rock The Jumpsuit Rachel wearings a blue fur collared sparkling long coat in a field


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