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Simon Gartside Embroidery


Look in the mirror and remove one accessory….but not this one.

These small creations are an amalgamation of three of my creative passions; illustration, textile and sparkly things. My hand sewn accessories inspired by life’s little treasures, I believe, are the perfect joyous addition to any outfit. Many of my pieces are one of a kind, made to be treasured and flaunted in equal measure. Simon Gartside embroidery is for those who believe more is definitely more

The story behind the business
Meet Simon Gartside Embroidery

Simon Gartside Embroidery was born amidst the chaos and uncertainty of lockdown, battling with anxiety and seeking solace in a creative outlet, I rediscovered the therapeutic power of embroidery. My worries began to fade, sewing became a place my mind could find calm and my ideas could flourish. I decided to share my creations with loved ones. I poured my heart into crafting little embroidered treats—cheerful, colorful, and sparkly trinkets that brought smiles to their faces. Seeing this joy and the way my creations brightened their days, I felt a sense of purpose and the courage to pursue my art further. I realized that my creations held the power to inspire and bring joy to others who may be facing their own battles. I truly believe my embroidered treasures can become tokens of hope, reminders that beauty can be found even in the darkest of times. As I continue to craft, I hope to inspire others to find their own refuge in the art that brings them joy

founder Credentials

  • LGBTQIA Business


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