Sketchy Muma

st. agnes, cornwall

Hi, my name is Anna and I am an artist from Cornwall. I started my Sketchy Muma drawings back in 2014, shortly after becoming a new mum. It started off as a personal project, but I now produce prints and cards that you can also enjoy in your home, or as a meaningful gift to send to someone. I love making simple observational drawings about family and day to day life, and distilling into words and pictures the precious relationships that make us human.

The story behind the business
Meet Sketchy Muma

I have always loved drawing and writing as a way to understand the world. I think there is something so magical about a thought being in your head and then travelling through your body and out onto paper via a humble pen or pencil.

When I became a new mum I often found myself stranded in supermarket car parks whilst my baby napped, so I started to make sketches of my experience of first time motherhood whilst in my car with five free minutes to spare.

I made the drawings as a keepsake for my daughter to document our first years together, however the pictures soon resonated with other new parents and Sketchy Muma really took off.

Several years on, I have had a book published and worked with some fabulous brands and charities.

I still love quietly sitting sketching the funny and poignant things I observe in daily life, I hope you can enjoy my work too!

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