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We believe pet furniture should be fun, functional and fit in with your home.

Say goodbye to boring dog crates.

The story behind the business
Meet Tame

Tame was created back in 2021, off the back of a successful (but tiring 😅) 2 weeks of crate training a new puppy, Rocko. The time had come to upgrade the sad looking wire crate sat in the corner of the room. The search was on for Rocko's long-term home.

The results were disappointing. Most crates weren't particularly exciting in their design, were made from cheap materials or were only available in one colour...white. Surely there had to be a functional dog crate available in different colours, with a contemporary design, that was simple to assemble?

It appeared not! An opportunity presented itself for Team Tame to create something exciting for dog owners facing a similar dilemma choosing their crates.

Market research from hundreds of dog owners led to several early prototypes being built and tested. Learning each time, a final design was settled on. It took almost a year to develop, research and test, but in 2022: The Dog Den™ was born!

Proudly made in the UK.

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Rocko - Inspiration behind Tame UK


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