Claire Senior, owner and chief creator at The Curious Pancake sitting on her green, hipster sofa, looking directly at the camera. A little grey kitten sits to her right, gazing off dreamily into the middle distance.

The Curious Pancake


Aloha! Claire speaking (I'm the one on the left). I'm the founder and illustrator of greetings card brand The Curious Pancake. Cat, Edna, is a silent partner ;-)

I started my business in 2011 after working part time in various card shops that sold greetings cards I found far from inspirational. I decided to do something about that, and 'Pancake blossomed into existence! I enjoy creating typographical cards full of imperfection and my own weird observations on life. If it all looks a bit random, that's because it is. Life's too short to be coherent, right?!

The story behind the business
Meet The Curious Pancake

I graduated in 2000 with a first class degree in Illustration, and, I assume, like many others from my graduating year, went straight into a minimum wage retail job whilst I hunted for that seemingly elusive creative career. Trying to land an arty job took me a further 10 years and involved a stint as a trainee milliner at a well known seaside resort, and a few years as a graphic designer for a local not-for-profit. In 2010 I finally circled back to my love of greeting cards and decided to lanch my own business.

I took the plunge into online retail in 2011 after a chance visit to a gift and greetings card trade show, and a random wander through a newsagents where I bought a magazine called "Starting an Internet Business". It took me a further 5 years of small business life before I finally plucked up the courage to start creating my own card designs to sell alongside those I already stocked.

So, what inspires me? Well, I'm a bit of a closet stand-up, therefore many of my cards are quite wordy and typography-rich! I also love a random swear (it's good for you - scientifically proven!) and it's nice to share swears with friends, don't you think?!

I love seeing people laugh at my cards, it's the best feeling, and I don't think I'll ever tire of it. I have so much more weirdness and random thoughts on life to share with you all... and the humble A6 card is my canvas of choice! Enjoy!

Claire :-)

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