Western Sketch Store Front Photograph of Illustrator Melissa Western sitting in her studio home

Western Sketch

West Bridgford, Nottingham

Hi I'm Melissa the illustrator and founder of boutique greeting card brand Western Sketch.

I started this business back in 2017 whilst I was on maternity leave after picking up my sketchbook and paint palettes that had gathered dust over a good few years. We are a Boutique Greeting Card publisher where each greeting card starts from a sketchbook illustration, and is hand painted using watercolour paints, in a fun non traditional style.

The story behind the business
Meet Western Sketch

I graduated in Illustration in my early 20's but never managed to pursue my illustration ambitions, instead working in the Retail Industry for many years as a Buyer.

I picked back up my paints after having my 2nd daughter partly as a way to find myself again after becoming a mum. Over the past few years my business has grown around looking after my three children. As they have grown so has my business, the two are very much intertwined for me as I work from my family home in Nottingham.

I am passionate about working traditionally and absolutely love the process of painting, the calmness it brings to a very hectic life. I'm inspired by the everyday as well as past memories I have from my childhood. I love food and you'll find this a big inspiration in my designs.

I really love how I can share my illustrations through greeting cards and how they can bring Joy to others. They are such an inexpensive pick me but a wonderful mood booster that can provide so much happiness and thought when given.

Melissa x

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
  • Socially Positive


91 Blake Road



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