What is Holly & Co?

Founded by Holly Tucker MBE, Holly & Co is cheerleading the small business revolution in the UK. We saw that the landscape for small businesses was grey and uninspiring – a relic of a beyond era, so we set about creating Holly & Co.  A place where we are building a tribe of like-minded people, and changing the landscape for small businesses for the better. 

We believe that anyone can build a business doing what they love and that by doing so, they will live a happier and more fulfilled life. We’re here to demystify the grey world of business once and for all: allowing dreams to take flight. We’ll also inspire in equal measure, through sharing founder stories on our podcast and putting on events that recharge the soul.

We’re here for you, whether you’re dreaming about starting a small business, you’re moonlighting every spare minute you get, or you’re already running your own enterprise – your virtual co-founder.

Our Missions

What we do

Podcast: Conversations of Inspiration

Conversations of Inspiration is a weekly podcast in which Holly meets acclaimed founders and inspiring entrepreneurs to hear their stories and find out what led them to create their wonderful businesses. Conversations of Inspiration presents a soulful and authentic chance to hear the stories of these incredible founders, sharing their biggest lessons and advice.



Events are a chance for our community to meet, connect and be inspired. In 2020 Holly & Co will be bringing back the Conversations of Inspiration Podcast Live shows to more cities around the country

The highlight is the return of the Congregation of Inspiration, which takes place in London in September – a one day creative conference for entrepreneurs or anyone dreaming of starting a business who is looking for inspiration and to connect with like minded people.

The Work/Shop

Based in St Margarets in London, The Work/Shop is a concept store, and a chance for Holly to present her dream for the independent high street.

The Work/Shop is stocked entirely from over 300 small businesses, whether it’s the coffee you drink, the cakes you eat or the products you buy. Each month also sees the Work/Shop take on a new theme that is relevant to Holly & Co’s missions, you can see past themes here.

Advice & Inspiration

Holly can be found on posting on Instagram everyday (@hollytucker), where she shares pieces of advice she has learned over the years, and is always there to give you that encouraging boost should you need it.

Meet Holly

Over a decade after creating Notonthehighstreet, one of the first small business marketplaces in the world, Holly Tucker has decided to continue her life’s quest, to bring colour to the world of grey and champion creative small businesses, by creating Holly & Co. 

From an early age Holly knew she had an entrepreneurial streak and a love for all things beautiful and creative.  After leaving school with an D in business studies(!), she went straight into the world of advertising, before her life took some unexpected turns and led her back onto a creative path.  With her 3 month old son Harry in her arms, sat at her kitchen table, Notonthehighstreet was born. Since its launch, NOTHS has pumped over £900 million into a once hidden army, and has supported hundreds of thousands of small creative businesses in the UK.

Ready for the next chapter, Holly launched Holly & Co, a place to believe, champion and shine a light on the incredible talent of creative small business owners and future founders across the world. It’s this group of people, that Holly has now dedicated her life to and plans to champion until she is 90!

As the UK Ambassador to Creative Small Businesses, Holly is working to positively influence this creative movement by redefining what it means to be a ‘small business’, encouraging more women to start their own businesses, as well as empowering our young with the skills to thrive in the new working world they are entering.

& the co’s

We believe that birds of a feather flock together, so we’ve set out to build a creative community like no other, a place to share stories, learnings and generally inspire.

We shine a light on them, they tell us the struggles of running their businesses so we can try to advise  and inspire. We also create exclusive products with them, which you can find the shop.

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