What Colour Friday is all about

We launched Colour Friday as an exciting annual alternative to Black Friday in November. Why? To remind us all to celebrate the colour and creativity that small businesses bring to the UK…before it’s too late. 

Half of the small businesses surveyed said they were worried about not surviving past Christmas 2021¹ — so they really needed our help. The good news?

We worked out we had the power to save small UK businesses at risk of closure in 2022. If we each bought JUST ONE CHRISTMAS GIFT from independent businesses instead at Christmas, we’d reallocate a vital £2.7 billion between us.²

So we launched the campaign, created an advert and it soon went viral. Just watch this space to see what we’re doing in the coming months to keep the momentum going. 



How could we tell the world about Colour Friday and encourage as many people as possible to get behind it? With the kind of colourfully creative advert that only we could make of course! Featuring twenty different independents, we made the ad ourselves in-house to shine a light on all the magic small businesses bring that big businesses can’t. We’ve had lots of lovely comments on it too, and are so pleased it’s given the community a way of getting the message out there.

You might spot a few friendly faces you recognise, and hopefully get a large dose of inspiration for your own Christmas gift list, too.  And if you happen to be a founder yourself, download our Colour Campaign Support Kit below to receive the ad and get lots of other marketing tools and support.


Our community found so many creative ways to share Colour Friday far and wide.


Our campaign spread like wildfire and we were invited along to do lots of interviews.

With thanks to our small business supporters


Colour Friday sources: 1.) SiteScore 2.) Finder Christmas spending stats