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Occasions done differently


Halloween cushion cover knitting kit, by Wool Couture and knitted pumpkins, by Rose & Wül

It’s been a tough year all round and I’m sure it’s not just me craving cosy nights in with the ones I love. So this Halloween, I’m going to bring everyone together, go back to basics and get my hygge on (that magical Danish word for creating top quality cosiness couldn’t be more perfect). 

Everything from the Halloween costumes to Halloween decorations or Halloween party planning in our house will be created with that in mind — and as I know how much everyone deserves a treat this year, the devil will most certainly be in the detail. 

Who does this better than anyone? Well the UK’s most creative small businesses of course (ok, I mentioned treats but there might be a few tricks up my long black sleeves too) so…


Ceramic autumn pumpkin lantern, by Glosters Pottery

It’s estimated that in 2022, there would be £687 million spent on Halloween¹, compared to just £21 million in 2001² — so it’s clear we’re all much more into our skeletons and broomsticks than we used to be.

Yet with all of us being just as conscious about money as we are about sustainability at the moment, I’m focusing on those heirloom items I can bring out year after year. Then I can just add one piece into the mix each October to build up my collection and the kids can keep on enjoying them for decades to come. Like Jack, above. He’s the ceramic centrepiece I keep on top of my piano surrounded by his little friends, handmade by the wonderful Glosters Pottery. I love that they give them all names.

Ombre pumpkin paper garland, by Rosie and the Boys

I like to choose decorations I can keep up before and after Halloween, too. This garland will likely decorate my mantelpiece now throughout autumn so it’s earned its keep so to speak.

The same with this beautiful knitted pumpkin set of two (shown below) from Rose & Wül. Founder Nadine (who is positively obsessed with knitting by the way) wanted to make something a little different for the occasion but also sells them as a pair so that they always have each other. How lovely’s that?

And what costume would every self-respecting bone collector wear to a Hygge Halloween get together? A skeleton cape of course…

Pumpkins, by Rose & Wül, and skeleton bones cape, by Florence & Bunny


Halloween season sign, by Lotta’s House, and knitted pumpkin set of three, by Peanut and Plum

Speaking of pumpkins, here’s a patch that’s a little softer than the usual (if you’re wondering, of course it needs its own sign!). What can’t be used year after year (unlike these cosy rustic knitted ones above) can be made into soup, pie or even special spiced lattes (um, can’t they, Frank?).


Trick or treat pot, by Word Play Clay

Now Word Play Clay ceramics can be harder to get hold of than a Halloween ghost but my goodness, are they worth the effort. You need to sign up to their mailing list to find out when the drops are and turn up online on time but what a lovely way to share some little tasty treats with guests before the oven roasted ear lobes are ready…

Light up ‘Happy Halloween’ banner, by Lights For Fun

Warm their hearts with some soft lighting while you’re at it. Just the thing for setting the ambience for your friends and family (and uninvited spooks) this year.


Olde fashioned brain jam by Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, ceramic ghost plates by Teppi Living and felted eyeball, by Tilly and Primrose

I’ll be getting my lot round for a Halloween breakfast — the perfect way to start the day off right. How about serving up (on a ghost shaped plate of course) a little Olde Fashioned Brain Jam on toast? Actually, this is made by a phenomenal charity, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, that sells the most creative and beautifully packaged products filed with imagination, but also holds creative writing workshops with young people too (hear more about it and see their incredible shop on my Instagram LIVE Halloween special — keep an eye out for their invisible cat, he’s a mischievous soul). 

Of course, if you’re having something more formal, and want to invite all your favourite wizards, witches and warthogs, I’m using the little ghosts I bought in York from The York Ghost Merchants as name place holders. If you do nothing else today, visit their website as it’s every bit as creative as their shop is. Each ghoul is handmade in small batches and only available to very special ghost hunters. 


Pumpkin pot clay date pottery kit, by Faye Wellon Ceramics

Finally, this isn’t just lovely to try out yourself for some key ‘at-home’ time this Halloween, but also what a brilliant gift? I have lots of friends who could do with a moment of mindfulness right now, and so I might just be buying this for some precious people I know. Whatever you’re up to this year, I hope you manage to get some time for yourself and a bloody good snuggle. Happy Hygge Halloween to you all!

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