What would you do so that your brand reached tens of thousands of people? What about reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers? Quite a bit, right?! Well knowing you do not have that sort of marketing budget, I have teamed up with NatWest who have amazingly given away their very own ad break on my podcast to the small business community. So all you have to do, is record a 1 minute advert and I, with the help of NatWest, will publicise the magic of your small business on my podcast Conversations of Inspiration.

All you have to do, is create the very best ad break you can. One that will stand out from the crowd. Where you share what your business means to you, why you started it or even a fun anecdote/story that brings you business to life. The more creative, the more engaging the more it has a chance of being chosen and our listeners looking you up!

So download our handy guide with hints and tips to get you started then, get recording and email your advert to us at [email protected].

I might be biased but this truly is an utterly brilliant and free opportunity to broadcast your small business to thousands of listeners, all thanks to our partner NatWest. So why wait? I just can’t WAIT to hear from you all!

A few of our previous winners…

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