Ade Hassan MBE, founder of Nubian Skin, smiling into the distance, stood infront of a rack of Nubian Skin products.

Ade Hassan MBE

Founder of Nubian Skin

From dreaming of quitting the financial rat race, to Beyonce wearing her products, Ade is riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster. Bringing a new and innovative product to the fashion market is no mean feat, but gaining adoring celebrity fans and nearing cult status, is something else.

On empowering women of colour through product innovation

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • You’ll learn about a brand that has ‘celebrating and embracing inclusion’ as its core founding principle.
  • Join Ade on her journey, and hear about her highs, lows and hard won wisdom.
  • Learn tips and tricks to help overcome imposter syndrome and tackle finance head on.

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