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Reimagining retail space with Alice Mayor, founder of We Built This City

Although the future of retail may seem unsure, Alice Mayor (We Built This City) believes now is the time small business can revolutionise and play a huge role in shaping the future.

In this episode, Alice shares her philosophy and approach to one of the biggest issues facing the UK retail sector – the high street.   This week Holly hears sage advice, that will hopefully spur on a new generation of shopkeepers or even those small businesses who’ve been thinking about (but are maybe now going!) to take that leap. Alice is arguably ‘the pioneer of the souvenir’, successfully reviving an industry that hasn’t been moved on in 50 years!

In this conversation, you’ll hear an incredible insight into the reality of balancing temporary bricks and mortar, pop-up spaces and an online store, plus how to separate yourself from your business to help it succeed.

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