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Making the ordinary extraordinary, with Anya Hindmarch CBE

Anya Hindmarch has forever been one of Holly’s biggest inspirations. Not only as a fashion accessories icon with her incredible artistry and creativity, but also because she really has set the bar in terms of holistic branding and true immersive experience. So, for Holly, this Conversation of Inspiration is a real moment in time.

Join this captivating conversation for a glimpse into the world through Anya’s eyes – both of the world as we know it today, and of a future filled with high streets built on fun and creativity working in harmony alongside our grandparents’ mantras of ‘make do & mend’ and ‘buy less, buy better’.

Driven by her passion and concern for the climate crisis, Anya is determined to use fashion as a platform for raising awareness, making people think twice and ultimately as a force for doing good. Spoken with complete wisdom, Anya recounts what it takes to build not just a business, but a compelling and all-encompassing brand in order to make the ordinary extraordinary.

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