Edith Eger, psychologist, author and holocaust survivor, smiling at the camera.

Dr Edith Eger

Psychologist, Author & Holocaust Survivor

As one of the last Holocaust survivors on the planet, Edith experienced unimaginable monstrosities as a prisoner of the heinous death camp, Auschwitz. However, despite the horrors she lived through, Edith has one of the wisest, most positive attitudes you’ll ever witness. Hear why.

On how we can choose to find light in the dark

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • Edith’s positive mindset is genuinely infectious and uplifting.
  • She shares powerful advice which will reset your entire outlook (it did ours).
  • It will make you re-evaluate not only the way you live, but how you react, think, feel gratitude and express yourself.

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