David Hieatt, founder of Howies, The Do Lectures & Hiut Denim, smiling at the camera, sat infront of a rack of Huit Denim jeans.

David Hieatt

Founder of Howies, The Do Lectures & Hiut Denim

How many brands do you feel truly connected to? It’s a challenging art to master, but David is here to reveal why it is so crucial for a brand to thrive. With a burning mission to change the world for the better, this is an episode packed with wisdom that you won’t want to miss.

On how to change the world with your brand

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • David demystifies what it means to be truly engaged by a brand and how to achieve this.
  • He reveals how we can all change the world through the choices we make as customers.
  • His explanation of the lifelong effect emotional gestures could have on a shopper is absolutely brilliant.

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