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29th June 2020 59mins
British Brands, Classics

Empowering women in the bedroom & the board room, with Jacqueline Gold CBE, CEO of Ann Summers

With a strong mission to empower women in the boardroom as well as the bedroom, Jacqueline revolutionised a male-dominated industry.

Beginning her career at 21 when she started working for her father’s company, Jacqueline quickly saw the potential to change the focus of the business. Using her passion, ambition, and creativity Jacqueline developed the concept of at-home parties and forever changed the way women could shop for lingerie and sex toys.

This episode follows Jacqueline’s incredible journey of a young woman bringing sex to the high street, empowering women in business and overcoming personal tragedy.

Warning – this conversation includes the heartbreaking loss of Jacqueline’s son.

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