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June 6, 2022 72mins
Business For Good, Holly’s Picks

Ending homelessness, feeding hope, with Josh Littlejohn MBE, founder of The Social Bite

How can we solve some of the biggest societal issues we face? In this episode, Josh Littlejohn MBE shares his vision and blueprint for making meaningful change in our world through entrepreneurship.

Josh is founder of Social Bite as well as The World’s Big Sleepout, and has always worked hard to make a difference. He had a strong social conscience from a young age, and when a young homeless man came into Josh’s very first Social Bite cafe asking for a job, it sparked an unexpected decade of charitable work and campaigning for the homeless.

Social Bite is a business with purpose, and a mission to end homelessness, whilst advocating for those less fortunate in our society. He has attracted royalty and celebrities from overseas, is the inventor of mass sleepovers across the globe, and has built an entire village — and raised millions of pounds for — those experiencing homelessness.

As Josh shares, it hasn’t always been easy and in many instances in its early days, Social Bite was on the cusp of going under. However, through manifestation, an incredible team, a hint of luck and with a lot of hard work, Josh has achieved remarkable change — and has even bigger plans for the future. 

Holly’s conversation with Josh shines a light on the power of the people and what is truly possible when you possess that entrepreneurial ‘insanity’ which Josh so eloquently describes. It is a must-listen for anyone out there looking to support positive progress. 

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