Gemma Metcalfe-Beckers, founder of Mutha.Hood, wearing a 'Strong Girls Club' hoody

Gemma Metcalfe-Beckers

Founder of Mutha.Hood

Mutha.Hood is the cult brand recognised by ‘Strong Girls’ across the UK, grown from the kitchen table. After a traumatic childbirth experience and resulting PTSD, Gemma began her journey to finding her own voice and building a community to empower others. Hear Gemma’s remarkable story.

On raising strong girls, whilst building a business

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • You’ll hear how Gemma started her brand with just £400 from her kitchen table.
  • Explore how building a community can be just as critical to the success of a brand, as the product itself.
  • Be inspired by the strength of human spirit and the power of a mother’s love.

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