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17th February 2020 64mins
Business For Good, Classics, Co-Founders, Female Founders

Pioneer of the Fairtrade movement, LIVE with Jo Fairley, co-founder Green & Black’s

A pioneer of the fair trade and organic food movement, Jo Fairley launched Green and Black’s with the simple premise, that if she loved the product, then others would too. Despite being told the UK consumer ‘will never eat dark chocolate’ Green & Black’s fast became the benchmark in ‘quality’ as well as forging the way in an emerging organic food movement.

Recorded in front of a live audience under the high vaulted ceiling of St Wilfred’s in Harrogate, Jo joins Holly on stage to chart her career and guiding business principles.

A serial entrepreneur, Jo started her career in publishing, before co-founding Green & Black’s and now an organic and natural food store, Health & Wellbeing Centre and The Perfume Society. In this episode you’ll hear how business highs and lows can define your take on the world. This is especially true for Jo whose moral compass shines through and has been her guiding light throughout her business and personal journey.

From tips and tricks to capture the attention of a journalist, to the challenges of cash flow and how best to (not!) spend an advertising budget – Jo Fairley’s insight is invaluable whether you’re just starting out on your journey or looking to move in new directions.

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