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July 11, 2022 77mins
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A world class lesson in emotive storytelling from a true visionary, Nike’s former CMO and author of Emotion By Design, Greg Hoffman

Among the millions of other businesses on our planet, what makes one brand a cut above the rest? Is it the size of the business or the amount of money they have? No. In the words of Author and Nike’s former Chief Marketing Officer, Greg Hoffman, it’s that brand’s ability to, “Go way beyond simple observations and assumptions”. And with a brand that connects as deeply as Nike has with millions of customers around the world, this is a rare opportunity to learn from the very best.

In just one conversation, you’ll hear all the creative genius Greg knows about building a successful brand, and the three key documents he insists are crucial for a business to have when starting. You’ll also hear someone with a phenomenal entrepreneurial spirit and the kind of awe-inspiring understanding of what makes human beings tick.

For over two decades, Greg was at the beating heart of every strategic and creative decision at Nike. He was instrumental in transforming it from being a shoe company to a brand that resonates on a truly global scale. As a young boy, Greg was the victim of racism, and threw himself into art and sports to escape from reality. Little did he know that these two passions would allow him to evolve from Nike’s intern, to leading some of the most powerful marketing campaigns in history.

Holly talks to Greg about your responsibility as a founder to protect your brand story, and how powerful brands need to understand the importance and craft of storytelling. He also shares how to drive growth while connecting with your customer.

This isn’t just remarkable insight for founders to listen to, but for anyone who is creative or enjoys popular culture. You will gain a deeper understanding of the true power of brand when used well, and how it can not just engage us emotionally, but also change our behaviour and inspire us to join movements that evolve our whole society.

So are you ready to learn something fascinating? In the words of Nike’s iconic strap line: Just do it.

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