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30th March 2020 67mins
Dyslexic entrepreneurs

Selling your business to your employees to safeguard its future, with Guy Singh-Watson, founder of Riverford

Recorded weeks before Covid-19 hit the UK – this episode is even more poignant as Holly and Guy Singh-Watson, founder of Riverford Organic Farmers, discuss the need for Governments to sit up and make real change to support small businesses and our high streets.

Riverford was one of the first businesses to reach the market with an organic online food model and led the way in identifying a new conscious consumer in the UK. But life as a young boy, growing up on a farm and highly dyslexic, meant that his formative school years did not guarantee him an easy transition into the business world.

Holly and Guy explore how understanding yourself, and your own mind and reactions, is the key to becoming a good leader – a lesson Guy learned later in life and is searingly honest about in this interview.

Guy’s philosophy is that good business is common sense, and that we must call on the government, now to make a fundamental change – a sentiment perhaps more apt than ever before. He also explains how selling his business to his employees, not only changed his life for the better but also created a huge positive change for the business too.

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