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April 12, 2021 57mins
British Brands, Classics, Female Founders

You can’t make a science out of creativity, with designer and founder, Jenny Packham

This week’s episode of Conversations of Inspiration see’s Holly talk to designer and founder Jenny Packham. Raw, open and searingly honest, this interview will leave you in no doubt of the burning energy and powerful impact that living creatively can have on the world.

Jenny Packham is one of the UK’s most successful fashion brands, her designs have graced red carpets and been worn by the most influential and iconic women of our time and redefined bridalwear.

As a child, an early love of sewing and textiles was instilled by her grandmothers, igniting a lifelong passion. After graduating from fashion school in the late 80s Jenny went about building a luxury brand that has endured for more than 30 years.

Holly and Jenny discuss the rocky early days of creating a business, how vital it is to let creativity channel through you and how it’s impossible to make a science of it.

This episode covers the importance of being obsessed with the detail, the significance of building a brand that connects on an emotional level and the impact that the global pandemic has had on the bridal industry.

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