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8th June 2020 68mins
Business For Good, Classics

From the streets to the House of Lords, with Lord John Bird MBE, founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Big Issue

A funny, straight-talking and brilliant storyteller, John’s journey will have you enraptured from start to finish, in what must be one of the most iconic social enterprises in existence today.

Lord John Bird’s story is one of the greatest Holly has had the pleasure to share on this podcast.

From his early days in an orphanage, surviving through fighting and stealing, John’s childhood was not an easy one. Poverty-stricken, and in and out of prison, John realised that he would have to make his own path in life.

It was a chance meeting, which developed into a friendship with Gordon Roddick (Anita Roddick’s husband), that would set John off on his incredible journey with ‘The Big Issue’.

29 years later, and over 200 million copies sold, The Big Issue is a social enterprise synonymous with the UK and has supported hundreds of thousands of people on the streets.

This is a story of grit, chance meetings and the belief that poverty and social inequality should be tackled by empowering those so often forgotten in society.

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