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November 7, 2022 70mins
Female Founders

From small town girl to organic retail pioneer, with Renée Elliott, founder of Planet Organic, and co-founder of Beluga Bean

Renée Elliott is an author, founder of the organic retail pioneer Planet Organic, and also co-founder of her second business baby – life and business skills academy, Beluga Bean.

Inspired by the late Anita Roddrick, Renée had no real inkling of what her purpose was, until walking down the aisle of a health food store in Boston. Little did she know that this moment would ignite her dream, and lead to the opening of the first Planet Organic supermarket in London in 1995.

With no prior experience but a determination to build a business that would make a difference to people’s lives, Renée learnt ‘on the job’, bringing organic food into the mainstream and was on a mission to encourage people to take ownership of their bodies and health, as she so clearly understood that no one else could do it for you.

However, Renée’s world was turned upside down, as her business partner tried to take ownership of the business in a period where Planet Organic was thriving. Renée opens up about this painstakingly stressful experience, how she battled through it, and how it has shaped the person she is today.

Renée’s mindset is inspirational, and she shares with Holly the guiding principles she’s learnt on her journey so far, how and why she’s removed any negative influences from her life and also sheds light on why self-awareness really is the golden thread through life.

An unapologetically emotional, female founder, continuing her mission to spread positivity and encourage people to live the healthiest, happiest life possible with her second business Beluga Bean, Renée is a true trailblazer we can all learn from. This conversation is a tonic for anyone that needs to hear why “everything will always be okay”.

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