Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley CH, Tech Pioneer, Businesswoman and Philanthropist, smiling at the camera, wearing a blue suit jacket.

Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley CH

Tech Pioneer, Businesswoman & Philanthropist

After fleeing Nazi Germany, Dame Stephanie had many barriers to overcome. Deciding to make her life “worth saving”, she built a business which would change the working world for thousands of women. It’s now valued at almost $3 billion. Learn what she used as her rocket fuel for success and why she's often called "Steve".

On what can be achieved when you refuse to settle

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • Discover the extraordinary way Dame Stephanie earnt respect in the workplace (you will be shocked!).
  • Her advocacy of flexible working for women, long before anyone else, is really inspiring.
  • Her actions and legacy might encourage you to take risks, in order to challenge the status quo.

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