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July 15, 2019 68mins
Female Founders, Mental Health

Mapping out a business in happiness, with Tina Bernstein, founder of Mapology Guides

This week on Conversations of Inspiration, Holly meets Tina Bernstein, founder of Mapology Guides.

In this thought provoking episode, Holly & Tina discuss how Tina used her struggles with mental health to help empower others, and how she now lives the Good Life through founding her business.

A designer, blogger, and entrepreneur, Tina started her creative career studying at the renowned art school, Central St Martins. However, after suffering from a nervous breakdown at 26, Tina moved into the world of psychology. She noticed the lack of colour, design and illustration in self-help guides, so decided to create her own guides to help others.

Mapology Guides was born as a tool to empower individuals to adopt their own approach to mindfulness, well-being and personal development, with her love for printed maps and illustrations gave her the idea for this format.

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