Jeanette Aurdal

Jeanette Aurdal

Founder of The Oak & Rope Company

Want to know how Jeanette Aurdal made the transition from being a passionate hobbyist to building a thriving brand, celebrated for its handcrafted creations? Jeanette shares how a fire that reduced her business to ashes was both her darkest moment and greatest springboard — helping her evolve into exactly who she was meant to be.

On finding success being who you were always meant to be

Why You Will Enjoy This Episode:

  • Find out how sometimes, in the process of building and rebuilding, you are able to become your true self
  • Learn how life’s greatest challenges can provide a fresh foundation from which opportunity can blossom
  • Jeanette’s story is a beacon of light for any founders (or potential founders) on a small business journey

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